Sarah Chapman





Born in the south of France, I studied Fine Arts in Aix en Provence.

Since the age of 17, I have been travelling the globe searching for something that is hard to find and yet so simple.

If only we could see it... Happiness is all around us, in the natural beauty of the world, in the smiles of our children, in the love that we share.  

Humans have strange ways to appreciate what is given, always wanting more, losing track of what really matters, destroying it all. 

Art has the power to make us see what we have done and what could be done. It has the power to reflect our society, through it I can say out loud the words that are trapped inside me. 

What is Art? if not a pure translation of what is felt, a way to communicate using our own personal language. We all go through stages in life; sometimes it is colorful and layered, other time it is clean and almost a feeling of emptiness is felt.

A picture is like a scream we don't really hear, however it can be so loud that everyone can feel.

Art and making space to create in our daily lives is an important part of our collective happiness, it is an outflow of energy that should be going out into the world.

I am also the founder and active participant of the JoYga Project (Please visit us on Instagram at the_joygaproject ), please note that 5% of any Art sold goes toward the Joyga Project.



“Movement- Community Art Show”, January 26th- March 17th 2018, Bruce Kreshner Gallery, Fairfield, CT showing “L’Elan Vital: Mouvement de la Vie”, 2017, Acrylic, pastel and ink on canvas, 40” by 40”

“Rowayton Arts Center”, February- March 2018, Rowayton, CT showing “On the Road #13” , 2015, Marker, acrylic, charcoal on canvas, 40”by 30”

Frabjous Show, 12 th Annual Group Art Exhibition, September 7th- Oct. 25th 2018, 60th and Columbus (9th Av.), NYC showing “Meditative Mind #4” acrylic and ink on wood, 12” by 16”and “Meditative Art in the style of Frabjous”,20” by 26, 2018

COMING UP SOON at the Bruce Kreshner Gallery, Fairfield, CT from 10/17 to 1/2/2019